Alex - Director

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The man behind Microtek Organics, Alex was the sole owner and employee since 2014. Alex holds a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Science and is passionate about all aspects of the environment. When he's not taking care of the worms and delivering orders he's the Vice President of the Light Archer's archery team in Kapunda and very much family focused, spending his spare time with Tess and the twins.

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Tess - Assistant

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A fairly recent addition to our team, Tess divides her time between Microtek Organics and her own business as a Nutritionist. She's always thinking up new avenues for the business, whilst being in charge of the design and branding aspects. A self proclaimed foodie, when she's not busy working she's in the kitchen cooking up a feast and entertaining the twins.


Rosie -

Head Decision Maker

In charge of all the decisions, Rosie makes sure everything gets done, and on time! She often accompanies Alex on deliveries with her sister in tow.


Olivia -

Quality Control

Olivia's role is very important as she ensures that our customers only receive the very best products. This means she's always watching over our every move and won't let us out of her sight.



Sorry for barking at you when you arrive at the farm, I just get a bit scared by unfamiliar faces.



I don't care, I'm just here for the food and the belly rubs.


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